Mountain Cabin NC  "Rocky Falls Retreat"

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First Falls

  This is a moonlight view of the sream as it begins its long descent.  This is the beginning of several falls on this stream.  We refer to them as the upper, middle, and lower falls. This area and view can be reached going down the trail in front of the tool shed and follow the trail under the rhododendron.   

Middle Falls

  This is the middle falls. Only the very adventurous should go here, leaves and slippery rocks make a dangerous situation.  

Lower Falls

  Lower falls. Only the pure fearless or just plain crazy should venture here.  

Lower Falls Again

  Lower falls.  If you walk in the stream we may never see you again !  I estimated this is a 60 foot sliding fall.  Please be careful, we can not be held responsible for your safety here.  

Start of Trail

  This is the start of the trail which leads to the middle falls.  This trail starts along side the house.  

Bottle of Wine Fruit of the Vine !

  I wish I brought a bottle of wine and sandwiches.  This  is a perfect place for lunch.  

House View From Trail

  Don't worry.  This is not the only way to get to the house !  We do have a road on the top side.  Traveling down the tail is easy but remember you will have to get up to the house again !  

Rocks along the Trail

  This is just one of the beautiful rock formations on our property.  

Would not have wanted to be me !

  This is an old 1945 (?) Ford truck which never made it around one of the curves on 226A and landed on our property just before the falls.   Good thing they imporved the 226A road since the 1940's.  

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